Different Types of Tattoos and Their Meaning

There are millions of different tattoos, and many have deep meanings behind them. Tattoo artists develop specific styles for their artwork. This article will discuss some of the tattoo styles.


Tattoo_Temple_Joey_Pang_bobo_websqJapanese tattoos date back to 10,000 BCE and have a history that relates to being sacred and traditional. This is a very distinctive style, that draws upon well-known and recognized themes in Asian art, intricate detailed items of real beauty, such as lotus flowers, Koi carp, tigers, waves, cherry blossoms, dragons, geisha girls, Buddha, Samurai’s and so on. These images can be used to relay a story. This type of style of tattoo, is timeless and will never grow old or become out-of-date; it’s art-work which can grow and expand to cover as much of the body as one wants it to and can often cover whole limbs. It’s colourful. It needs careful planning; and it’s usually of a 2-dimensional style. A traditional Japanese intricate design is known as Irezumi, which has its basis in tebori (hand carved) tattoos. Yakusa tattoos have links to the Japanese criminal underworld; the tattoos have bold black outlines, and can sometimes include characters from Japanese folklore. If you get a tattooist who is experienced in this art-form, every aspect of the design, from the direction of the waves, to the direction of an animals head will have a meaning behind the decision.


Celtic designs, are usually in black ink, and their design is made up of intricate knots; and sometimes crosses and spirals. People may often have a Celtic band circling there upper arm. It is also possible to get trinity knots; trees of life and Celtic animal designs. Generally the meaning behind Celtic designs, is some link to a Gaelic, Welsh or Breton heritage, or connection to the folklore there.


My Favorite Hobbies Everyone Should Try Out at Least Once

There are so many diverse hobbies that you could choose to participate in. Here are some of my most engaging and awesome hobbies that I’ve tried and would recommend everyone should try out at least once:

      1. Reading

woman-notebook-working-girlThere are so many books on every conceivable topic, that you will always manage to find a book that interests you. Reading is great because people spend years researching a topic, and neatly package it in a book for you, so that you can acquire the information that took them years, much more quickly in a matter of weeks! Expanding your education by reading will make you more knowledgeable, interesting, well informed and appealing!

      2. Baseball

Learning a new sport is really worthwhile, it’ll give you a great sense of camaraderie with the other players, you may make quite a number of new friends to socialize with; you’ll learn the skill involved in hitting the ball, judging it for catches; and you’ll become a lot fitter with all the running involved. There will be numerous adult recreational groups you can join.

      3. Magic

Learning magic will make you an instant hit at adult and children’s parties where you can amaze the crowds with your card-skills, or skills of misdirection. It’s a skill that can break the ice in difficult situations. It will also make you more perceptive and aware of other people who are trying deliberately to distract.


How to See a Beauty in Everyday Life

sunset-567712_960_720There is so much beauty all around us, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of busy working
life, we forget to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and appreciate the immense beauty that surrounds us. Sometimes the bad things in life seem to stand out more to us, but that needn’t be the case. This article is about ways we can remember to take the time to see the beauty around us and ways of finding more beauty in life. By doing this we can realize that normal life can be extraordinary, and live a more beautiful life:

1. Sunrise and Sunset

These both occur day and night. It’s an obvious statement, but there’s so much beauty contained in the stunning colours and displays, take time to look at them and appreciate them, now and again perhaps you could attempt to photograph or paint them. Take time to appreciate all the wonders of nature around you.

2. Learn what beauty is to you

You need to have a good understanding of yourself, and what is important and of value to you, and then work out how you can get more of this in your life. If anything’s missing from your life to make it beautiful, then strive to gain this by taking steps towards it. If you need to remove things from your life to create more room for beauty it’s important to do that too.


Common body art formats

nack-499099_960_720Of the various art forms that are trending now, body art deserves special mention. It is a unique way of expression and serves as a way of showing one’s devotion to a specific cause. The art of using human body as the canvas is termed as body art. Instead of the conventional watercolors being used, media such as spray, paint, piercings, tattoos, etc. are used in body art.  It may be temporary or permanent.

The art form is a silent way of expressing one’s wishes. It is also a type of artistic performance used to make a statement by the artist. While some people use body art for liberation, others use it as a weapon of rebellion. Mostly it is used for fashion purposes and sometimes just for fun. Whatever way body art is portrayed it is quite popular. Here are some important basics on the art form that I’ve compiled to make you familiar with the art.


This is either permanent or temporary, but mostly temporary. This involves making a hole of the size of a needle in the body to fix a stud like object to the hole. This is similar to the ear piercing done to wear earrings.

Piercings can be done on any part of the body. I’ve done many such piercings for clients who seem to love the rings and stones that sparkle on their body. I once did a piercing for a chef on his ear lobe. While working he would hide it in his chef’s cap to avoid his employer’s eye and after work he would flaunt it as much as he can.

His work involves standing the whole day in the kitchen, which can be tiring. But he says that his splendid work shoes he bought at this source helped him work in comfort. One important thing I warned him about the piercing was to use superior quality studs to prevent infections and bruises.


This is popular in Arabian countries and in India too. The leaves of henna plant are used to create designs. The leaves are ground to powder or paste form and applied on feet and hands. The leaves are of different colors including maroon, black, red, and orange. This is a temporary art form.

Body Paint

This temporary body art includes painting the body with multiple colors, glitters, and sparkles. Either the face or the entire torso can be painted. Fluorescent colors are used sometimes. Having a fit and toned body makes this art form look more spectacular. Once the students in the Zumba dance class I attend wanted this type of painting to celebrate the first year anniversary of the dance company. For the dance, wearing the right type of shoes such as those at NICERSHOES helps to learn the form more effectively.

Nail Art

This is a simple and common body art form where the nails are painted with designs and studs such as sparkles, stones, feathers and glitters are used on it. You can also use artificial nails. Jewels too can be fixed on the nails. There are special nail salons as well as the usual beauty salons, which offer this art form and it can be done at home easily.

The artistic value in those magnificent flying machines

This post begins with a few niggling questions before proceeding towards the theme commissioned. Why do so many girls still cherish having a small, delicately crafted butterfly discreetly tattooed on their shoulders? Why do so many sailor boys, real and rugged or just plain queer, still insist on having the skull and crossbones tattooed on their muscular arms?

What sentimental value is there to be had among non-believers who tantalizingly have their bodies decorated with religious icons? And why do Satanists choose to hide themselves from the world by not revealing their true colors and beliefs through their body art.

The deceptive quality of Romantic art

Why in heaven’s name did the ageing but artistically talented actor, Johnny Depp always insist on tattooing parts of his body with his beloveds’ christened names, to the point that it became rather silly and hardly romantic? Romantic art is the ultimate in creativity, whether through a painting, through words, or the tattooed imprints down yonder in the pubic area of the human anatomy. It is creative in being deceptive because while it shows a visual story for others to imagine, it hides the true feelings of the creator and the proud owner of the work of art.

Why was the beautiful actor, with so much potential, Paul Walker, taken away from his millions of admirers so early in his life? His tragic death so traumatized the cast, crew and producers of the epic The Fast and the Furious franchise that they decided after Fast and Furious Number Seven, enough was enough. The tragedy of Walker’s death one fine day somewhere along Hollywood Boulevard was that he was (not necessarily deliberately) replicating the tragic lives of previous movie icons, Steve McQueen, the original Mr. Cool, and James Dean, the pretty rebel without a cause.

Art is a risky business

Before we paint our modest picture of Paul Walker’s short life and what he may have had in mind before his tragic death, let us remind drivers out there to value their lives and to be safe, no matter what. Put aside art for once and do as the Light Bar Report suggests. LED light bars may not always be a pretty sight but they do an exceptional job in keeping drivers and their passengers safe at night.

Like his predecessors, Paul Walker valued art way more than he valued his own life. His pride and joy was the German designed, engineered and manufactured Porsche. Not a Ferrari, Humvee or Lamborghini, or even a Jeep (a perfect fit for LED lights), but a Porsche. It was only after Walker’s death that sobering analyses were published by motoring experts and scribes on just how unsafe the classic German sports car still is.

This is tragically ironic when you consider the Germans’ reputation for pragmatism above art. But still, we have to admire Paul Walker’s off-screen bravery for living life artistically for art’s sake.

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